Monday, June 14, 2010

When Books become Movies...

When "Confessions of a Shopaholic" became a movie the picture I got went from this to...


When I heard that this Sophie Kinsella favorite was becoming a movie I ran out and checked out the book, because I refuse to see a movie until I know the story.

(I didn't get to see it in the theater, so I depended on my trusty new friend, Netflix, to send me this motion picture.)

I do this in order to see how different it is from the book. I think I am determined to see if a movie ever lives up to the wonderfulness that is the book it came from.

I loved the fact that this movie was rated PG, because my oldest Chick was able to watch it with me. She loved this and it is a new favorite. She didn't read the book.

It was cute, however, all I could think through the whole thing is, "This didn't happen in the book", and "It didn't happen like that in the book."

I was upset that they didn't make Luke Brandon that no holds barred kind of business man. I was picturing this crisp put together man. Maybe it was the change of job in the movie?

Becky Bloomwood didn't disappoint with her ability to get into some dicey situations. I did feel the book was more comedic.

I know a movie will never be exactlylike the book it comes from, but I do wish the movie staff would try. Just wistful thinking on my part.

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