Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie: Review

By Alan Bradley

It's the beginning of a lazy summer in 1950 at the sleepy English village of Bishop's Lacey. Up at the great house of Buckshaw, aspiring chemist Flavia de Luce passes the time tinkering in the laboratory she's inherited from her deceased mother and an eccentric great uncle. When Flavia discovers a murdered stranger in the cucumber patch outside her bedroom window early one morning, she decides to leave aside her flasks and Bunsen burners to solve the crime herself, much to the chagrin of the local authorities. But who can blame her? What else does an eleven-year-old science prodigy have to do when left to her own devices? With her widowed father and two older sisters far too preoccupied with their own pursuits and passions—stamp collecting, adventure novels, and boys respectively—Flavia takes off on her trusty bicycle Gladys to catch a murderer.

When I first started this book I wasn't too hopeful. Then I got to know more about the main character, Flavia, and the more I read the more I just loved her! I loved Falvia's wittiness and her ability to come up with the answer to any problem in a pinch. My only complaint is all the information about chemical elements. Not really a complaint, but chemistry was not a favorite subject in school. It did really make me become more enamored with the character, since she was smarter than most adults!

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