Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chickity-Chick Challenge

No this is not a challenge for others to join.

Well you can if you want for your own personal goal.

In my house I am the uber-reader, my husband is the uber-sports guy, Chick 2 is the uber-computer one, and Chick 3 is the uber-Wow Wow Wubzy viewer.

With summer coming I always make sure Chick 2 stays on top of retaining all the knowledge her teachers tried to teach her that school year. Next year I will be the mother of a 5th grader so I feel it is my job to work harder to keep her on top. (Not that it will be hard since she loves to learn.)

Part of my plan is to have a reading competition right in my house, since I know Chick 2 has a competitive streak just like her momma. She likes to read, but it isn't in her blood like it is mine.

So for the time she is off school we will be seeing how many pages we can read.

I also plan on having her become my guest reviewer for books she finishes. This is something I have always wanted and will finally start this summer.

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  1. It's a lot of fun to read kid reviews! Way to get your daughter involved in reading! I found you via Book Blog.ning, BTW