Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Four Seasons: Review

The Four Seasons
By: Mary Alice Monroe

"They are the Season sisters, bound by blood, driven apart by a childhood tragedy. Now, thirty years later, they embark on an emotional search for the child Jilly had given up for adoption. During the search, the sisters rekindle their love and the lost dreams of their youth. THE FOUR SEASONS is a story of rediscovery, love and forgiveness as family secrets are revealed."

My Thoughts

I have not read a book where I had to keep reading just to know what happened next. This book definitely was that book. You couldn't help get lost in these sisters and the journey they went on. The secrets and twists may have been easy to guess, but I had to keep reading just to know all the details and to see if I was indeed right. At the end I was sad this story was ending. There were a couple things I wish could have been talked about more in the end, but overall this is one book I loved. I will for sure be reading more novels written by this author!

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  1. awesome review! I love books that i can't put down